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It's Tax time and
Don Hoeckle Tax and Accounting wants to help you!

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If you have questions about how something can be done to best benefit your tax situation, just call me and I will tell you how to structure it to maximize every tax advantage.

  • Do you need help with setting up a budget and then follow through to meet your financial goals? I can help you accomplish this.
  • Do you have financial goals written down? Do you have a debt payoff goal written down? I can help you accomplish this.
  • Are your retirement, and college plans in place? I can help give you a second opinion in these areas.
  • Is your W-4 filled out correctly so that you are using your money and not the government? 
  • Do you have your will, trust, and estate plan completed? I can help you get ready to minimize your time and expense with the lawyer.

I can be your resource and second opinion on all of your financial decisions with just one phone call.


Here's what satisfied clients have to say about Don Hoeckle Tax & Accounting:

"Don has helped me with tools to track my budget and get me on track to my financial goals" J.G.

"Don is very good at explaining how I can take advantage of the tax laws by itemizing my deductions instead of just taking the standard deduction." J.P.


Tax News

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    March 2, 2011

    An article on points out 25 Ways To Waste Your Money. We all can probably find a few things on this list to save us a little money. Here are a few of the suggestions they give. Carrying a balance on credit cards. Interest adds up!... more »
  • What To Know If You Get Audited!

    February 28, 2011

    The IRS is intimidating to most people and businesses. To help with this, congress passed two Taxpayer Bill of Rights in the 1990's. Basically, the IRS has to prove they are right in tax disputes, not the taxpayer. 1. The Right NOT to Meet with the IRS You... more »
  • Tax Mistakes People Make Everyday

    January 5, 2011

    Here are some tax mistakes people make that are easily avoidable. 1. Failing to get -- and keep -- receipts. Not getting (or keeping) receipts is probably the most common error taxpayers make. It's not just business expenses that need to be documented; charitable and medical expenses should be... more »