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I am an Outdoor Mom

Do you love getting outside with your kids? This is the place for you. We want to tell you about the best hikes for moms and kids, the top places to camp with kids, and much more. Let us know your favorite spaces and places for getting outdoors with the kids.

Meet Our Outdoor Mom

"I love it here!" says author Maureen Keilty who lives in Durango, Colorado. "The San Juan Mountains and the Southwest's high desert canyons have long fueled me as a writer, an outdoor educator and an artist."

Maureen hiked the trails for her first book, Best Hikes with Children in Colorado (Mountaineers Books, 1991) in her last trimester of pregnancy. Since then she has authored two more editions of Best Hikes...Colorado" (1998, 2005) Best Hikes with Children in Utah, (1993, 2000) the coffee table guidebook, Durango (Sun Dagger, 1993,1998), and co-authored the Southern Rockies volume to the series, National Geographic Guides to America's Outdoors (1994)

Books and nature tend to be family projects. Her photographer husband, Dan Peha, illustrated the books and their son, Niko, child-tested hundreds of "best" trails with them. When not out exploring, Maureen loves tending her vegetable and flower gardens, creating landscape quilts, cooking and knitting. Throughout the year she practices Iyengar yoga and teaches "YoQua," a yoga-in-water program she developed.

Check out Maureen's Facebook page, "Best Hikes with Kids Colorado," for news, tips, articles, & more.

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