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What kind of Mom are you? Are you a Green Mom? Are you a Military Mom? Are you an Outdoor Mom? Or maybe you are a Mom-To-Be! We want to give you news, tips, and ideas that you can use. Check out each of "our moms" and if you want to see more moms, let us know what you'd like to see in this section created just for you! Click here to send us an idea for a mom section.

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Meet the amazing contributors that make up "Our Moms." Their content is witty, fun, interesting, educational, and relevant. They are the 719 moms!

Meet AMY:

AmyFullerMy name is Amy Fuller. I am a single mom and business owner. I am originally from Alabama but ended up in Colorado by way of Germany and then Korea via the Army! Now I'm a Coloradan and I'm happy to be here, juggling my two young children and working with other moms. I own Stroller Strides of Southern Colorado Springs and teach fitness classes to moms with their babies up to preschoolers in strollers. I am an AFAA certified group fitness instructor, Stroller Strides trained pre and postnatal fitness instructor, former DONA certified birth doula, and LCCE trained childbirth educator. I also have a background in public accounting which has proven to useful as a small business owner. My passion is working with moms and I'm thankful to be able to have my children with me while I work.


BrandiMy name is Brandi and I am a mama to two beautiful girls, fifteen years apart! It's a joyful, slightly hysterical adventure juggling teenager and infant while managing our small urban farmstead on the west side of Colorado Springs. I am a yoga teaching, baby wearing, natural health enthusiast, who thrills at seeing my girls discover the magic in themselves. While I hold many titles, wife and mama are by far my favorites. In between nap times, meal planning, egg collecting and jamming out with my daughters in the living room, I also play seamstress at my homegrown business bloom daisy, where I specialize in, what else, all things baby and family. When not hanging out on 719 moms, you can catch our goings on at our family blog, Folkways Farm.


Meet EDIE:

EdieWildeI'm Edie Wilde and am so pleased to be a part of the My719Moms community! I became a Mom later in life, and am Mommy to one precocious 7 yr. old daughter who keeps me on my toes! I'm not only an "older" Mommy, I have a disability so I deal with chronic pain and fatigue daily. Being a Mom with health challenges has played a major role in my pursuit of more "clean and green" living. The other hat I wear is small business owner. I represent a skin & body care company which makes its products by hand, using only the most safe ingredients. It is this experience that opened my eyes to the harmful chemicals I was putting on my body. I had been so focused on household cleaners and what I put in my mouth, it didn't even occur to me what I was putting on my skin could be harmful as well. Sounds like a downer, doesn't it? But guess what? WE HAVE CHOICES! And we CAN make a difference. I am no expert but I am looking forward to sharing this journey with you, starting in our own kitchens, nurseries, and bath tubs. You can find me on Facebook.


EveylnEvelyn Rennich is a Colorado mom to two darling, energetic boys. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Communications with an emphasis in Professional Writing and worked as the Communications Director for a local ministry before launching out on her own in the freelance world. She deeply appreciates coffee, earth tones, travelling, adjectives, hiking, and dating her handsome husband. When she's not washing diapers, she's blogging at



Meet Gwen (Mothering With Cancer):

GwenI'm Gwen, mother to two boys, Colby and Benji. I have been married to my husband, who is in the Army, for 11 years. I am currently fighting Breast Cancer and trying to figure out how to take care of myself and my family during this whole ordeal.

I would love to hear from other Moms fighting cancer. I hope to share helpful tips and stories that will encourage moms with cancer that a diagnosis doesn't mean life is over.

Check out the Mothering With Cancer Page Here.




Meet KIMBERLY (Cooking Mom):


My name is Kimberly and I am a wife and stay at home mom to two wonderful kids, Emma and Blake. Cooking has always been a huge passion of mine. I can remember sitting on the counter in the kitchen with my mom and stirring whatever she was making. I attended Johnson & Wales University in Denver, CO and received an AS in Culinary Arts. Throughout school I worked as a Chef at a Denver Kosher Catering Company and found that catering was so much fun. After graduation, I worked my way up at a local, Colorado Springs, catering company to become their Sous Chef (second in charge in the kitchen). I really loved what I was doing.

My husband and I married In August 2008 and soon found out that we were expecting our first child in May 2009. The first 27 weeks of my pregnancy were wonderful (despite the morning sickness). In February 2009 our daughter was delivered 13 weeks premature via emergency C-section and weighed only 2lb 3oz. Emma spent the next 10 weeks in the NICU growing and trying to gain weight. Once Emma was eating solid food, I made it a priority of mine to sneak extra things into her diet so she would keep growing and gaining weight. Feeding your family can sometimes feel like a chore, but I would love to show you some secrets to get great gourmet food from home and make it quick, easy, and maybe fun too.

Meet KIRSTIN (aka Green Mom):

greenmom-kristinMy name is Kristin and I'm a "Green Mom." I'm also a teacher, and after watching a documentary on how toxic our cleaning products are, I started to get concerned about the chemicals I used around my students. I switched to Shaklee's non-toxic cleaners for the health of my students and I was amazed at the results! My students became so much calmer and more focused. I decided to start using Shaklee cleaners in my house as well and much to my surprise, my asthma and allergies improved so much I was able to get off the four prescription medications I was taking for asthma and allergies! I try to focus on eating organic food, finding ways to avoid toxins in our environment, and becoming healthier in general. Though I am just beginning on this journey, I have found I love sharing with others how to create healthier lives for their families' too. Read more about Kristin here. You can also visit her blog here.

Meet KELLEY (aka Fashion Mom):

KelleyParkerFashion Mom Kelley Parker is a first time mom who's trying to figure out how to be a mom and wife while working full time...and still find time to slap on some lip gloss every morning. In her column, you'll find tips, tricks and techniques to help you be your most fabulous self. Kelley has always loved fashion and sincerely appreciates personal style, even when different from her own. She has one son, Jack, who (at 13 months) is already finding his own unique style. Check out her Fashion Mom column each Friday.


Meet MARISSA (aka Fit Mom):

FitMom2My name is Marissa and I am a single mom to two wonderful children, Riley who will be 9 in November and Lili who just turned 5. Nutrition and fitness became my passions when I lost a total of 85 lbs after having both my children. I had been fit all of my life until I got pregnant. Poor eating and lack of exercise not only put unwanted fat on my body but also messed up my thyroid resulting in hypothyroidism. Read more and see photos of Marissa here.

You can also visit her blog, Fit Mom Consutling, at



Martial Arts Mom