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You Can Make Money From Consignment Sales

Posted: Mar 7, 2011 5:23 PM
Updated: Mar 8, 2011 9:33 AM

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How Can Stay At Home Moms Make Extra Income At Mini Mania Consignment Sale Extravaganza?

You're a stay at home mom and you're trying to figure out how you can bring in some extra money to help your family make ends meet. How can you do that without sacrificing your other "job" as mother and wife? Mini Mania is one of the best ways that stay at home moms are finding to help bring in some extra cash. The benefit of the Mini Mania Consignment Sale is that there are several ways we can help you save and make money.

Tip Number One: It's time to clean out closets... why not make a little extra money while you're at it? Consigning at Mini Mania helps families "swap" out their gently used items with little impact on the budgets bottom line. Did you know that most moms sell almost as much as they buy? This means that when you sell your gently used childerns items with Mini Mania, and you buy your next round of clothing at the Mini Mania sale, most families break even and have little impact on the family budget.

Tip Number Two: If you love to hit the garage sales on Saturday morning, you should look into reselling. Reselling is where you visit the local garage sales, pick up some gently used merchandise at rock bottom prices and then mark it up and resell it at Mini Mania. Many families are making as much as a 10-1 return on investment by reselling at consignment sales.

If you are interested in reselling, you need to know what sells at what price. Specializing in a couple of areas will help increase your potential profit.

  • Boys sizes 5 and up are in big demand. Boys are hard on their clothes and as a result the selection of boys clothing is thin.
  • Name brand clothing brings higher prices. Whether you are reselling boys or girls items, make sure that you are buying name brand, gently used items to resell.
  • Another hot seller is toys. Make sure you have all the pieces if you buy toys. Outdoor toys, ride on toys, play houses and climbing structures have a high resale value at Mini Mania!

Tip Number Three: Mini Mania offers increased incentives for volunteering, so volunteer! The difference in your consignor check for having an increased percentage can equate to a high "per hour" bonus. "Professional" consignors have been known to make an additional $300-$400 in their check by working 2-3 times per event.

Staying at home doesn't mean that you don't have to quit contributing to the family income. There are lots of ways that Mini Mania can help your family make ends meet.

Mini Mania Sale offers consignors the option to donate any remaining kid's items after the sale will go to the Springs Rescue Mission. Mini Mania's Spring Sale will be March 31st -April 2nd at the International Dance Club (lower level) in Colorado Springs, CO. You still have time to consign and volunteer. Check out Mini Mania's website for details.

Mini Mania is giving away a cool tote bag (like the one in the picture) with two free pre-sale passes! If you want to win, comment below. Let us know do you consign? Have you made good money consigning? What has been your best find at a consignment sale/store?

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