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Should kids be banned from restaurants?

Posted: May 11, 2013 1:38 PM

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Sadly, as adorable as kids may be, they're not usually the most appealing dinner companions. In fact, several restaurants find them so disagreeable that they've gone so far as to ban children across the board according to Fox News.

"We'd ask parents to remove the child and they'd be offended and sometimes even walk out on checks."
- Mike Vuick, owner of McDains restaurant

Take McDains, the Pennsylvania club-style restaurant on the golf course of the same name, where all children under six are banned.

Or the forthcoming 18-and-older-only sushi restaurant in Alexandria, Va., where angry parents likened the ban on kids to "apartheid." Owner Mike Anderson, who also runs three other restaurants in the area, recently told WTOP: "It's meant to be a spot for husband and wife to come and kind of reconnect in kind of a sexy setting...[without having] to interact with young children."

Or Atlanta's Grant Central Pizza, who banned crying children last year.

Clearly, eating out is not looking so promising for children anymore.

"This has been accumulating over the years as an increasing number of young children and babies, whose chief form of communication is crying, were coming in," explains McDains owner Mike Vuick. "We'd ask parents to remove the child and they'd be offended and sometimes even walk out on checks. And other people, who came in expecting a quiet dinner, would complain they have to pay for a sitter and then be disturbed by someone else's kid."

Some restaurateurs have a different strategy, like Allen Routt, chef and co-owner of The Painted Lady in Newberg, Ore., where children are not banned, but guests are encouraged to leave children under seven at home due to the length of the meal (around three hours) and the mature menu (a multi-course tasting menu).

"My restaurant isn't for some adults, and it's not for some children," admits Routt. "But banning children seems like a knee jerk reaction. We are raising the next generation and if we can expose children to manners and etiquette and finer experiences, they will mature into more well-adjusted people."

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Do you think kids should be banned? Do you agree or does this make you mad?

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