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School Told Boy Marine Shirt Was Offensive & He Needed to Change: Do You Think The School Was Right or Wrong?

Posted: May 23, 2012 6:34 PM

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Sandra Griffith, a Mississippi mom, said she is upset that her son's school banned him from wearing a pro-military t-shirt. The boy's shirt shows a US Marine Corps bulldog, with the words: "If you aren't the lead dog" on the front and on the back of the shirt, the back of a bulldog with the words "The view never changes."

She said the administrators at South Jones Elementary School told him to turn the shirt inside-out of go home because the dog's genitalia was offensive. She said her older son, who is in the Marines, gave the shirt to his younger brother. "He idolizes his brother," Griffith said. "The bond is very uncanny. If you want to talk about inappropriate and offensive, that was offensive to me."

According to the Marine Corps Times, the school superintendent Tommy Parker, said it had nothing to do with the Marines, but it was the principal's decision. He spoke about the community, saying "We're very pro-military, we're one of the most conservative places in the United States."

You can see the shirt below. Do you find it offensive? Should the boy have been required to remove the shirt or was the school wrong? Have you ever had a child sent home for a dress code violation that you didn't agree with?

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