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Girl Kicked Out of School for "Distracting" Hair Color

Posted: Feb 10, 2013 8:43 PM

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A 15-year-old student, Rylee MacKay, was sent home because her hair looked purple and pink in the sunlight. The school district said her hair "should be within the spectrum of color that grows naturally," and administrators can decide whether a color is too distracting. According to The Spectrum of St. George school officials told her hair needed to be changed by the next day. They even told her she needed to finish her work in an office nearby so that no one could see her.

The school's principal, Roy Hoyt, said every parent signs a district policy agreeing to review the school and district policies with their children at the start of the school year. "We try to consistently and fairly uphold district policies," Hoyt told reporters. "When students are out of compliance with the dress code, we attempt to find a resolution. Students are welcome to return to class when the issue has been satisfactorily resolved."

MacKay's mother said she will have her daughter wash her hair a few times to tone it down. However, they have no plans to return the girl's hair to her original color of brown. They said her hair had been that color since October.

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