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Am I Really in Labor?

Posted: Feb 25, 2013 11:19 AM

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Being a first time mom-to-be there are a lot of questions that begin with "How will I know..." and the answer is always, oh trust me you'll know. But really, how will I know if I am in labor? Here are a few hints I've found to let you know if you may not be ready to rush to the hospital and when you may need to grab the keys.

Not Really Labor
You are near your due date and your body may dish out some signs that the birth day is slowly coming, but there is no need to grab the keys just yet it could be a day or a week.

  • Back Ache
  • The Nesting Urge
  • Interesting Bodily Functions, like loose stools
  • Intermittent Cramping
You're Getting Closer
Well, your officially getting closer to labor but nope put the keys down. If it makes you feel better there is nothing wrong with a call to your doctor for advice.
  • Losing your Mucous Plug
  • Non-Progressing Contractions
  • Your Water Breaks, call your doctor or midwife when this happens to get their opinion.
Grab The Keys
Okay, when three words are officially included in your contraction pattern "Longer, Stronger, Closer" it's time to grad the keys or call your doctor or mid-wife for one last opinion.
  • Contractions are coming at least four to five minutes a part
  • Contractions are lasting at least one minute
  • The pattern has been consistent for at least an hour or more.

Remember these are just some tips for when you get close to your due date. No one can say exactly when you'll go into labor or how it's going feel. Sooner or later though, you'll know trust me :)

For more information about symptoms of labor click here.

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