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10 Things to Never Say to a Pregnant Woman

Posted: Dec 29, 2012 12:03 AM by Lauri

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You may already know, but I'm expecting my second baby in March! It's exciting and scary all over again. Let's face it, there are so many things about pregnancy you forget. One thing that I had forgotten about, but now that I'm really starting to show, have been rudely reminded of...all the stupid things people can say to you when you are pregnant!

Here's our Top 10 List of Things Never to Say to Pregnant Woman (for your own safety)!

  1. Wow, you're huge! -- Really... I'm pregnant you idiot! I'm already self-conscious of my weight gain, so this little comment is one that can spark a variety of emotions.
  2. Gosh, you're small -- Just as bad as the "huge" comment, being told that your belly is tiny, or that you're definitely not as pregnant as you really are, can be worrisome -- you might wonder if your baby isn't growing or that something is wrong. Just don't comment on a pregnant woman's size (as a rule of thumb).
  3. Are sure you're not expecting twins? -- I'm not even joking when I tell you my boss said this to me. Along the same lines as the "huge" comment above, this one also borders on the ridiculous -- chances are you do, in fact, know that there is a single uterine resident, so saying such a goofy comment is not only rude but plain silly.
  4. Was it planned? -- Really, what a terribly invasive question. If it's not your husband, the person doesn't need to know if your baby was planned or if it was a surprise.
  5. Don't you know how that happens? -- For moms of many, or perhaps young moms, being quizzed on if you know how babies are made is downright insulting. It's not a joke, and it's not funny. Also, I do realize that I have an 18-month old, but the fact that you have to comment how close in age my babies will be is, frankly...NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!
  6. You shouldn't be doing that. -- Pregnant women are genuinely sure of their own physical limitations, if she even feels she has any. I have a physician/midwife and we've discussed diet, exercise and lifting. I promise, I will let you know if I can't do something.
  7. I had a horrific labor! -- War stories are all fun and games, but sharing them with a first-time mom is not the way to make a new pal.
  8. My wife had an easy pregnancy, why do you feel so bad? -- As if every pregnancy was the same, then this remark could be understandable. But they are all different. And in fact, how does the non-pregnant partner really know how Mom felt during pregnancy? Just grrrr.
  9. Don't you just LOVE being pregnant? -- I know that some women LOVE being pregnant, but I have a rough time. My uterus is tipped back onto my spine so the baby sits on my sciatic nerve the entire time. To say it's painful is an understatement. Don't assume that all women love being pregnant (some of us don't).
  10. Unsolicited advice -- while it's hard to keep your opinion to yourself, pregnant women hear it all. From the moment you announce your pregnancy, everyone wants to give you advice on every aspect and choice you make (from your OBGYN to birthing plan to your choice on whether or not to vaccinate). If a pregnant woman asks your advice, feel free to spill forth your knowledge and personal stories, but if they don't ask, please don't tell. :)

What other comments did you receive while you were pregnant?

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