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I Am a Mom-To-Be

belliesWhether this is your first baby or you're a seasoned mom-to-be you'll want to read stories, post comments, and check in on our "Mom To Be" page. We're here to keep you posted on all things pregnancy related! Whether you want to know what's happening in the news, get doctor recommendations, learn about the latest recalls on infancy products, ask questions, or just read amazing/funny/engaging stories from our pregnancy bloggers, this is the place for you as you progress in your pregnancy and head into motherhood!

Mom-To-Be News & Stories

  • 3 Tips to Make Your Nursery Decor Safe and Personalized

    June 23, 2014

    Decorating the nursery is so much fun, and there are so many great ideas out there. The options are endless. Having a personalized design using photos of your pregnancy and... more »
  • What NOT to Say to Post-Baby Mama About Her Weight

    May 8, 2014

    If you've ever had a baby, you've heard the most obnoxious responses to complaints about post-baby weight. Here's my top four things of what NOT to say! 1. "You're... more »
  • Black Friday Basics for Baby Bargains

    October 24, 2013

    You’re about to be a mommy. Congratulations! You’re about to start out on one of life’s greatest. Like every mother-to-be since time began, you’re feeling excited, radiant, apprehensive, fat, sick,... more »
  • Week 6 - Ups & Downs of Post-Baby Weight Loss

    May 1, 2014

    Tuesday: Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown Workout Level 1 O-M-G Jillian's yoga was really hard this week! Her workout really works my upper Who said you need weights to... more »
  • Top 5 things doctors DON'T tell you about child birth

    September 29, 2013

    Pregnancy and your OBGYN. The relationship you have with your doctor in those months leading up to labor and delivery are crucial and you tend to lean on them... more »
  • Realistic Parenting

    April 29, 2014

    Parenting is a touchy subject. It's an emotional issue because it's easy to interpret any advice as something you aren't doing right. It can make you feel mad, guilty, or... more »
  • 5 Ways to Interact with Your Newborn

    April 25, 2014

    As it's often said, newborns spend their first few weeks of life doing three things: eating, sleeping and pooping. Sleeping will, in fact, take up a large chunk of their... more »
  • Mom to be Monday Gadget Heartbeat Monitor

    September 29, 2013

    There is nothing more amazing than hearing your baby's heartbeat for the first time. Imagine you could hear your baby's heartbeat whenever you wanted to AND send it to family... more »
  • Pregnancy: Life Event or Disease?

    April 22, 2014

    Pregnancy care needs updating. The US has the highest infant mortality rate of any developed nation in the world. The US has the highest C-section rate. The US has the... more »
  • Mom to be Monday: How did nesting affect you? I was NUTS!

    September 22, 2013

    How many of you out there are not only expecting a baby soon but are nesting like crazy? I remember when I was pregnant with my son, I not... more »
  • Cheap but Chic Nursery Decorating Tips

    April 18, 2014

    You can prepare all you want, but they say you're never truly ready to have a baby. Usually the qualm when considering having a little one centers around financial obligations.... more »
  • 5 AMAZING Things your Body does while Pregnant

    August 25, 2013

    Happy Mom to Be Monday! It's a day we take to celebrate all you moms that are expecting and today we'd like to celebrate all the amazing things your body... more »
  • This week I'm kicking it up a notch!

    April 17, 2014

    Monday: Jillian Michaels Shape Up Front Tuesday: Mandy Ingber Yogalosophy Thursday: Jillian Michaels Shape Up Back Sunday: Cathe Friendrich Bootcamp This week I'm kicking it up a notch! I... more »
  • Yoga breastfeeding mom comes forward

    August 23, 2013

    For years this viral photo has made it's way around on line as a staged shot, but the mom has finally come forward and spoken about the photo. ... more »
  • My Pinterest Opinion

    April 11, 2014

    Okay ladies, it has been a couple of weeks but I'm back with my next addition of "My Pinterest Opinion". Today I'm continuing on my holiday decor list by highlighting... more »


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