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Education Mom

Are you interested in learning more about education and how to help your child learn more? Education mom, Jennifer, will share her years of experience with us and help usnavigate the learning experience with our children.  If you have questions for her or just want to know more, fill out the form on the left and we'll do our best to help you out. 

Meet Our Education Mom

Jennifer Barnes is one of the founders of Blue Skies Exploration Academy.  Jennifer is a former Special Education Teacher who holds a Master's Degree from the University of Northern Colorado. After teaching for 10 years, Jennifer had her first child and then her second. In order to spend more time with her toddler and infant daughters, Jennifer opened a small in-home child care which ran as a hybrid science-based preschool and care center. During this time Jennifer dreamed of opening her own center to provide a more holistic early childhood experience than has typically been found in Colorado Springs. In August of 2009, Jennifer opened a one-room schoolhouse called Creekside Kids in the Canon School in District 12 to provide before and after care for the preschoolers of District 12. This school is operating well and is still providing flexible year-round care and a Reggio Emilia influenced experience for the children in their care.

After running Creekside Kids for three years, the opportunity to purchase a local family-owned child care center came about. Blue Skies Exploration Academy was created as the city's first freestanding Reggio Emilia center in December of 2011. Both Jennifer and her husband, David, are working hard to remodel and create a dynamic, more natural environment that allows children ample opportunity to explore and experiment in order to foster learning. It has been a lifetime of work and dedication to the education and care of young people that has brought David and Jennifer to create Blue Skies Exploration Academy.

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