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Thinking of Boston

Thinking of Boston

Posted 2:36 PM 4/17/2014 by My719Mommy Blogger - Fit Mom Sarah

This week I have been thinking a lot about the Boston Marathon and all that happened there last year. For me it was one of those events where I remember exactly where I was when I heard the news. My daughter had asked for an American Girl Doll for her birthday so we had taken her to the store in (More)

Stinky Poo Plush Toys are Just For Fun, Stop Taking Toys So Seriously

Fake Kidnapping for "Awareness" Has Parents Outraged

This week I'm kicking it up a notch!


Mommy, Where Are Your Manners?

Mommy, Where Are Your Manners?

Posted 3:45 PM 4/16/2014 by My719Mommy Blogger - Jennifer DeBrito

If you have school-aged children, spring only means one thing: you're about to be really busy! Over the next 6-8 weeks, you can plan to attend every type of ‘program' a school can possibly think of: art shows, music programs, field trips, theme days, and the list goes on. (And that's just (More)

A Tour of Rock Ledge Ranch

Pajamas in the Pick-Up Line

Pixar Easter Egg Hunt

Hunter Hayes "We're Not Invisible" Tour Coming to Colorado Springs

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Easter Cake Wrecks: What Are Your Dessert Plans for Easter?

Easter Cake Wrecks: What Are Your Dessert Plans for Easter?

Posted 3:22 PM 4/15/2014

Many of us are planning on having family over and enjoying big meals on Easter Sunday.  Desserts are a big part of any family dinner.  We found these hilarious Easter cake (More)

"Glow Parties" Could Be Dangerous for Your Teens

Be The Enemy

Toughest Job in the World?


Tasty Tuesday: Tangy Mustard Glazed Ham

Tasty Tuesday: Tangy Mustard Glazed Ham

Posted 9:19 PM 4/14/2014

If you are looking for a great Easter ham recipe...look no further!

Tangy Mustard Glazed Ham


1 fully or partially cooked smoked bone-in ham (6-8 pounds), butt portion40 whole cloves1 1/2 cups packed brown sugar1/3 cup stone-ground mustard2 (More)

Why Don't More American Moms Breastfeed?

Change Your Passwords Now to Avoid Heartbleed

Field Trip App: Turn Any Trip Into a Learning Experience

How to Hard Boil Eggs for Dying

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