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Got Patience? (Some Tips on How to Find It)

Posted 11:13 PM 7/29/2014



You didn't sleep well last night, the kids have been arguing all day, the dog got in to the trash and the dryer just broke when you already have 5 loads of laundry (More)


Danger in the Laundry Room

Posted 11:26 PM 7/29/2014



On July 25th, Kelly Landry, a mom from Idaho had the scare of her life when her young child bit in to a Tide laundry pod and almost immediately began having respiratory issues. (More)...

Bank Uses ATM to Say Thank You to Customers

Is This Model Really Plus-Size?

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Campfire Treat - Brownie Oranges {recipe}

Posted 10:25 PM 7/28/2014

orange brownies


Whether you are camping in the woods or in your backyard this summer, here is a delightful and fun campfire treat your kids will love (More)

7 Truths About Your Kids and Anxiety


Baby Boy "Walks Like Momma"

Baby Boy "Walks Like Momma"

Posted 6:59 PM 7/27/2014

This baby can walk just like his momma.  He is too cute and has her walk down perfect.  At the end of the video you can see why she walks that way.

"Kid's Class" Cabins Could Separate Parents and Children During Flights

One Tip to Get Your Kids to Eat Their Vegetables


Men Happier With Smarter Wife

Men Happier With Smarter Wife

Posted 1:49 PM 7/28/2014

A recent study found that today's younger husbands are the first generation of men not to find women with more education than them ‘threatening.'  Previous generations were different in that men were more educated and more likely to be the breadwinner of the couple.  This type of (More)


IVF Clinic Says No to "Rainbow Families"

IVF Clinic Says No to "Rainbow Families"

Posted 1:47 PM 7/28/2014

A single woman went to an IVF clinic in Canada in hopes of using a sperm donor to have a child. She was told she could only use sperm, eggs, or embryos of her own ethnic background.   (More)...


More Teens Keeping Internet Usage Secret From Parents

More Teens Keeping Internet Usage Secret From Parents

Posted 1:48 PM 7/28/2014

A recent study found that 70% of children between the ages of 8 and 17 said their parents did not know about their complete internet activities. They added that they frequently cleared their browser history or used private mode to keep their use more secret.  


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Top 10 In Demand Jobs With Great Starting Salaries

Top 10 In Demand Jobs With Great Starting Salaries

Posted 5:57 PM 7/27/2014

There are quite a few out of work people in the US now and they are seeking out alternative career paths. Here is a list of 10 jobs that are in demand and have substantial starting salaries.  

1. Petroleum engineers start at $85,0002. Senior landmen start at $55,0003. (More)...

Could This Device Save Kids From Drowning?

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Fun with Disneys Frozen - Top 10 Party Ideas

Posted 3:45 PM 7/26/2014

We just can't seem to "let it go" no matter how many times Elsa tells us to. I am talking about the Disney animated sensation, Frozen, of course! The majority of children (and parents) everywhere have fallen in love with this frosty tale and it doesn't seem to be losing momentum any time (More)

Samsung Cell Phone Fire

Daddy and Daughter Dance When He Gets Home From Work

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