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School Creates "Kids Closet" That Helps Children in Need

Posted 1:12 AM 9/22/2014


Back to school can bring a lot of anxiety to families who can't afford new clothing and school supplies.

Gloria Valdez and Michelle Post are two moms from Rio Rancho, NM. They both (More)

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Children Killed in Car Crash Were NOT Wearing Seatbelts

Children Killed in Car Crash Were NOT Wearing Seatbelts

Posted 12:38 PM 9/21/2014

Four children were killed in a car crash in Pennsylvania. They were in a truck with two adults. The adults were wearing seat belts, but the children were not (More)

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These Parents Don't Want More Children to Die From This Little-Known Condition

Posted 1:28 AM 9/20/2014


Imagine your healthy child starts to feel ill with flu-like symptoms.  You take him in to the doctor and sure enough he is diagnosed with the flu and sent home.  A (More)

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Retail Stores That Allow Dogs

Retail Stores That Allow Dogs

Posted 6:44 PM 9/19/2014

Did you know that there are some major retail stores that allow you to bring your dogs shopping? For some of us, we'd rather take the dog than the kids on a shopping trip. Do you know of any other stores that allow well-behaved dogs?

  1. Home Depot
  2. Lowes
  3. Barnes & Noble **We learned that this varies according to each location, so call ahead.
  4. Petsmart
  5. Petco
  6. Bass Pro Shop

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Armpit Fire Leads to SUV Crash

Armpit Fire Leads to SUV Crash

Posted 10:03 PM 9/18/2014

This is one of those things kids down the road will see in a safety class and wonder why it is there. No texting and driving, no driving while talking on a cell phone, are pretty common rules for drivers. Now we have to add (More)...

The Happy Meal Con: Who is to Blame?

7 After-School Snacks to Keep Your Kids Happy and Healthy


Photo of Baby on Cliff Causes Outrage

Photo of Baby on Cliff Causes Outrage

Posted 10:02 PM 9/17/2014

A baby crawling along a cliff would cause most people to action. One family, instead, took photos. Other tourists could not believe what they were seeing.

Preikestolen, which is also known as Pulpit Rock, is in Norway and has amazing views from a cliff rock that is about 2,000 feet over a (More)

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High School Football Coach Suspends Entire Team To Build Character

Posted 11:51 PM 9/16/2014


One Utah football coach takes the character of his players very seriously.

Matt Labrum, coach at Union High School in Roosevelt, Utah suspended all 80 members of the football team for (More)

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