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Little Boy Goes Off On His Mom For Getting Pregnant Again

Posted 10:36 PM 8/28/2014

kids in car

Announcing that a new baby is on the way can be one of the most fun parts about being pregnant!  The internet is full of cute and funny announcements to entertain us. (More)...

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Hello Kitty is Not a Cat

Hello Kitty is Not a Cat

Posted 9:11 PM 8/27/2014

Hello Kitty is NOT a cat. She is a British girl. She has a twin. She is a third grader. Is this information blowing your mind, yet?

Christine R. Yano, the author of "Pink Globalization: Hello (More)

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Boy Not Injured After Being Run Over by Car

Boy Not Injured After Being Run Over by Car

Posted 7:31 PM 8/26/2014

This is an amazing story out of China. A six-year-old boy was playing on a sidewalk when a car drove right over him.  This happened in the Shandong Province of China.  Police said he was right between the front wheels of the car and the car was high enough to go over him. (More)...

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Back and Forth Journals for the Quiet Child

Posted 12:05 AM 8/26/2014


I have one teenage daughter who tells me everything, and I mean everything.  She has been great at communicating from a young age and tells us all of her fears, hopes (More)

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