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He's Not Scary, He's a Little Boy

Posted 1:57 PM 9/30/2014


AliceAnn Meyer has a young son named Jameson. He has a disease called craniostynostosis which causes his face and head to look misshapen.

A series of events recently prompted (More)

Leaving Kids Home Alone - How Young is Too Young?

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4 Best Places to Live in America 2014

Posted 9:53 PM 9/29/2014


Money Magazine set out to find the 4 best places to live in America, and it was no easy task.  They started out with a pool of 781 cities with populations of 50,000 - 300,000. (More)...

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Is This Food Still Good?

Is This Food Still Good?

Posted 5:01 PM 9/28/2014

At one point or another, we've probably all wondered if the food or drinks we have in our fridge or on our shelf is still good. Here are a few basic guidelines from the FDA on keeping your food fresh and making sure you don't eat (More)


Women's Issues Men Just Can't Understand

Women's Issues Men Just Can't Understand

Posted 3:40 PM 9/28/2014

Women deal with a lot of issues that men just cannot understand. Some men try to sympathize and genuinely feel bad for the women in their life, but they just do not get it. You know how it goes, "if you haven't been through it, you don't know what it is like." 

Here are five things (More)

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No Smiling Required: A New Way to Take Family Portraits

Posted 10:34 PM 9/26/2014



Usually during Autumn we have family portraits taken every year.  I am pretty sure my husband and children hate it.  I coordinate everything, including outfits (More)


Best Parent's Book Ever (The One With the F Word) Gets a Sequel

Best Parent's Book Ever (The One With the F Word) Gets a Sequel

Posted 8:12 PM 9/25/2014

You probably remember the book "Go the F*** to Sleep." It was truer than true and parents around the world applauded author, Adam Mansbach.  He is doing again and the topic hits close (More)

This Kid Poked His Heart

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