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Nanny Cam Captures Nanny Being Abusive to Kids

Posted 9:24 PM 10/19/2014

nanny cam

Warning:  this is hard for any mom to watch, but it's a reminder of the possible dangers of leaving your child in the care of another.

One California mom is learning a hard (More)

Would You Eat Food Made From Human Breast Milk?


RECALL: Simply Right Baby Wipes Could Make Kids Sick

Posted 10:17 PM 10/18/2014


As of this week Simply Right baby wipes which are sold at Sam's Club are no longer on the shelf after the manufacturer found bacteria in them called B. Cepacia.  


You've Been Eating Pistachios The Wrong Way

Posted 9:46 AM 10/17/2014


I think my favorite nut is the pistachio, they are delicious!  They are also expensive which makes it more frustrating when you can't open the ones that haven't fully opened (you (More)

This Baby's Reaction to Her New Toy is Priceless!


5 Things You Should Throw Out, but Probably Don't Want To

5 Things You Should Throw Out, but Probably Don't Want To

Posted 10:15 PM 10/16/2014

There are lots of things in our house that are there, but serve no purpose. They clutter up space that could be open and clear. They make a clean room look otherwise junky. Here are five things that you should throw out this weekend.

1. Stuff Hanging On the Fridge. I know (More)

Top 10 Best Tasting Apples

Sexting is Just a Normal Thing to Most Teens


Atheists Demand Art Be Removed From Middle School

Posted 9:18 PM 10/15/2014

faith in america

A work of art has been hanging in an Oklahoma Middle School for 18 years. "Faith in America" by artist Donald Zolan depicts two children praying in front of an American (More)

Candied Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies {recipe}

Top 5 Things To Do This Weekend October 18-19


What Do Teal Pumpkins Mean This Halloween?

Posted 9:57 PM 10/14/2014

teal pumpkin

You might notice a new trend this Halloween where people display teal colored pumpkins on their porch instead of the traditional orange pumpkins.  You also might be (More)

How Many Questions Do Your Kids Ask You Everyday? Probably Hundreds!

Why You Should Be Coloring With Your Kids

Mothers Protest For Breastfeeding Rights At Burlington Coat Factory

This Little Boy Gives Patrick Swayze A Run For His Money!


Tips for a Safe Halloween

Tips for a Safe Halloween

Posted 11:22 PM 10/15/2014

Halloween is the one time of year kids are free to roam the streets, knock on stranger's doors and ask for candy. It's fun and exciting, but kids and parents should stay safe and alert. Here are some tips on staying safe this (More)

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