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Best and Worst Places to Raise Kids in US

Best and Worst Places to Raise Kids in US

Posted 2:57 PM 7/22/2014

Do you love where you live and think it is a good place to raise kids? Colorado ranked 22 out of 50 in the Annie E. Casey Foundation's KIDS COUNT Data Book.  The report (More)

Check Out This New Way to Fill 37 Water Balloons at Once

Teen's Invention Could Save Children's Lives


Stop Taking Inappropriate Selfies

Stop Taking Inappropriate Selfies

Posted 7:46 PM 7/21/2014

It seems like there are a growing number of inappropriate selfies on the internet.  The latest is from a teen who posted a selfie of herself smiling at Auschwitz concentration camp, with a smiling emoji.  Once the picture started moving across the internet, the angry comments came (More)

Everybody Wants a Girl: Women Travel to the US to Choose Gender

Stranger Rescues 2-Year-Old and Mom From Subway Tracks

Fruit Recall: Peaches, Plums, Nectarines, Pluots

Mom Jailed for Leaving 9-Year-Old at Park Unsupervised


Asthma Drugs Can Suppress Growth in Children

Asthma Drugs Can Suppress Growth in Children

Posted 8:54 PM 7/20/2014

Parents of children with asthma need to take note of a recently published study about children's growth and inhaled asthma medications.  Two scientific studies found that corticosteroid drugs, which are taken through inhalers, can suppress children's growth. 

"The evidence... (More)...

Husband Records Every Reason Wife Uses Not to Have Sex

Video of a Baby Moving in Utero is Amazing


Dad's Response to "Rude" Goes Viral

Posted 4:31 PM 7/16/2014

One dad decided he had to respond to the hit song "Rude" by the band MAGIC!. The original song is about a guy asking a father if he can marry his daughter.  The dad shuts the door in the boy's face and they sing, "Why you gotta be so rude? Don't you know I'm human too? ... I'm gonna marry (More)

Adults Wear Kids' Clothes and Save Money


5 ways to save money on back to school

5 ways to save money on back to school

Posted 12:14 PM 7/22/2014

There are two times a year when parents stress out the most over money, Christmas Holidays and Back to School shopping time!

We have 5 ways to help you save money during one of the most expensive times of the year!

1) Stick to the school supply listKids and (More)

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