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The Happy Meal Con: Who is to Blame?

The Happy Meal Con: Who is to Blame?

Posted 5:07 PM 9/18/2014

Happy Meals with fruit options are healthier and encourage kids to make better choices, right? Not necessarily, according to a study by Liverpool University.  They claim that placing fruit in the meals encourages children to want more junk food.

The researchers said the "finding shows (More)

7 After-School Snacks to Keep Your Kids Happy and Healthy


Photo of Baby on Cliff Causes Outrage

Photo of Baby on Cliff Causes Outrage

Posted 10:02 PM 9/17/2014

A baby crawling along a cliff would cause most people to action. One family, instead, took photos. Other tourists could not believe what they were seeing.

Preikestolen, which is also known as Pulpit Rock, is in Norway and has amazing views from a cliff rock that is about 2,000 feet over a (More)

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High School Football Coach Suspends Entire Team To Build Character

Posted 11:51 PM 9/16/2014


One Utah football coach takes the character of his players very seriously.

Matt Labrum, coach at Union High School in Roosevelt, Utah suspended all 80 members of the football team for (More)

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Pet Goldfish Has Brain Surgery

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People Without Kids Have Better Lives - Except For This One Thing

Posted 12:58 AM 9/15/2014


I have three kids, have been married for 16 years, own a business and hold another job on top of that.  I also try to keep up my house, be a loving wife, go to the gym (More)


10 Kids' Books That Adults Love

10 Kids' Books That Adults Love

Posted 10:57 PM 9/14/2014

Reading to our children is one of the greatest ways to bond and spend time together. Many parents I know, including myself, have a list of favorite books picked out before the baby is even born. There are many excellent children's books out there, but some are timeless classics that live on for (More)

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Tragedy at Doherty High School Through a Student's Eyes

Posted 11:27 AM 9/13/2014


This story is not meant to sensationalize, offend or to make light of a very serious tragedy.  This is meant to bring light to a very serious issue as seen through (More)


Nail Polish and Airplanes: A Bad Mix

Nail Polish and Airplanes: A Bad Mix

Posted 5:27 PM 9/12/2014

Traveling on an airplane usually means lots of free time when you're cruising at 30,000 feet. Some women use that time to paint their nails, but most major airlines say don't do it. While it isn't illegal, it is inconsiderate.  

Here is what the major airlines told (More)

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